środa, 29 listopada 2017

How to paint gems and black cloth tutorial of Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer

For a long time I did not come here. Maybe it is time to come back again (how many times I am coming back I don't count that...). I want to show you tutorials for Thousand Sons Aspring Sorcerer. This time it will be tutorial for black cloth and blue gems. Check it out :) If you want PDF version go to my Patreon profile, these tutorial are free.
What paints will you need:

  1. French Blue VGA
  2. Black VMC
  3. White scale 75 (you can use White VMC)
  4. Magic Blue VGA
  5. Emerald VMC
  1. Black VMC
  2. French Mirage Blue
  3. White scale75
  4. Magenta Fluo VMC
  5. Eldandil Violet Scale 75 (I think it's similar to Inktense Violet scale75)

Okay, so let's go!



See you soon!

niedziela, 22 stycznia 2017

Canoness Veridyan, Blood Bowl Orc team, assembling, assembling and assembling...

Hello again!
I had really busy last two weeks - exams, projects and other things realted with studying, damn, I hate that how much it takes time, I want to paint!

Yesterday I painted Canoness Verydian, Fast project. I had to paint something fast as break from other commissions and studying.
She is on eBay - CLICK link for details :)

So, you may have seen my latest finished project of Orcs team for Blood Bowl but I will post also here! These are going to Spain!
Now I want to show you what I am doing currently:
Legio Custodes are being prepared for painting. 3x with shields, 2x with glaives/spears and one with standard.
They will look like them:
Bigger pics
BTW I love effects on weapons :)
But for now they look like this :/
 Next are Wood Elf Glade Guard Regiments. 4x 16. So much of mold lines removing. So muuuuch pain! ;)
But really can't wait to paint them, I need to paint something different than 40k
 And at last I received package from Chris. I think I didn't show his Mordheim Warband that I finished on december of 2016. Soon I will post them on my facebook page, instagram and here. This was fun project because I had to paint that warband with desaturated colors. Stay tuned!
They will be an Averland Warband for Mordheim. As you can see some of models need paint stripping - no problem :)
By the way great idea of packing bits in sealed bags, Chris. I am sure that now I will not have any problems with what items belong to particular mini :)

What I will be doing this week? Probably not much. I think I will try to finish Warmachine commission and try to assemble as much minis as possible. My upcoming exams schedule looks like this:
27.01 (hard one)
30.01 (hardest)
3.02 (hard one)
I am so motivated to work but I need to learn to exams. It takes ages and I can't paint as long as I want to... But exam session ends at 6th of February and then I will be doing everything in my pace.
Keep fingers crossed!

niedziela, 8 stycznia 2017

Coming back! - blood bowl orcs, wood elves, studying...

Hello guys! First of all. I am coming back to blogging now for real. I've got so many projects so that's why I want to post them here to be more sorted. Blog is in bad condition so please be patient. I will keep it updating regularly! 
 Ok... So let's show some projects that I am doing right now. Orc team from blood bowl. They still need some work but I studying to exams (I am student) and my time is really limited. Also. My brush is damaged so I had to stop painting before I get new brushes. It may take a couple of days. You may ask why I have no more brushes? Well... Take a look at them! They look awful!

Brush in red circle might look good but it's tip is too flat for me and I can't paint with loaded brush technique :(

So here are the orcs. They are going to have checkered pattern. I wanted to finish them today but I had to study for 3 last days and today also...
links to bigger photos:

Oh and last one! I am also going to paint pretty big Wood Elves army. I wanted to start paint it faster but again... studies, studies... Soon I will finish exam session so I will be much more free.
This is just sneak peak!

Do you remember these guys? :)


Now I am going to study hehe :)
See you soon!

środa, 25 maja 2016

Khorne Daemon WiP

ello. It was a long time since last time I wrote any posts here. I want to change it and I am going to develop my blog in small steps but with regularity. Also I need to get into rhythm of blogging, I hope I will get better because I am a bit "rusty" right now :)
So... no more talking. For the start I want to show you my commission project for Christian who kitbashed/converted or whatever you call it another 3 daemons (previous daemons are on my fanpage) - 2 daemons of Khorne and one Archdaemon of Tzeentch.
Still need some work: hooves and OSL will be done after I paint daemons' bases. WiP of Khorne daemon:
Khorne Daemon