środa, 29 listopada 2017

How to paint gems and black cloth tutorial of Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer

For a long time I did not come here. Maybe it is time to come back again (how many times I am coming back I don't count that...). I want to show you tutorials for Thousand Sons Aspring Sorcerer. This time it will be tutorial for black cloth and blue gems. Check it out :) If you want PDF version go to my Patreon profile, these tutorial are free.
What paints will you need:

  1. French Blue VGA
  2. Black VMC
  3. White scale 75 (you can use White VMC)
  4. Magic Blue VGA
  5. Emerald VMC
  1. Black VMC
  2. French Mirage Blue
  3. White scale75
  4. Magenta Fluo VMC
  5. Eldandil Violet Scale 75 (I think it's similar to Inktense Violet scale75)

Okay, so let's go!



See you soon!

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