niedziela, 8 stycznia 2017

Coming back! - blood bowl orcs, wood elves, studying...

Hello guys! First of all. I am coming back to blogging now for real. I've got so many projects so that's why I want to post them here to be more sorted. Blog is in bad condition so please be patient. I will keep it updating regularly! 
 Ok... So let's show some projects that I am doing right now. Orc team from blood bowl. They still need some work but I studying to exams (I am student) and my time is really limited. Also. My brush is damaged so I had to stop painting before I get new brushes. It may take a couple of days. You may ask why I have no more brushes? Well... Take a look at them! They look awful!

Brush in red circle might look good but it's tip is too flat for me and I can't paint with loaded brush technique :(

So here are the orcs. They are going to have checkered pattern. I wanted to finish them today but I had to study for 3 last days and today also...
links to bigger photos:

Oh and last one! I am also going to paint pretty big Wood Elves army. I wanted to start paint it faster but again... studies, studies... Soon I will finish exam session so I will be much more free.
This is just sneak peak!

Do you remember these guys? :)


Now I am going to study hehe :)
See you soon!

środa, 25 maja 2016

Khorne Daemon WiP

ello. It was a long time since last time I wrote any posts here. I want to change it and I am going to develop my blog in small steps but with regularity. Also I need to get into rhythm of blogging, I hope I will get better because I am a bit "rusty" right now :)
So... no more talking. For the start I want to show you my commission project for Christian who kitbashed/converted or whatever you call it another 3 daemons (previous daemons are on my fanpage) - 2 daemons of Khorne and one Archdaemon of Tzeentch.
Still need some work: hooves and OSL will be done after I paint daemons' bases. WiP of Khorne daemon:
Khorne Daemon

środa, 20 maja 2015

Nurgle Lord

Hello, It was long time since last post. I have got many exams recently so I can't upload antyhing. I know that gold tutorial should be psoted here but please, be calm, I will edit it after all of the exams. Stay tuned, and enjoy my new mini :)
This is Nurgle Lord from The Glottkin kit. I have also sorcerer who will be painted later.
What do you think about photos? I am still learning how to get good photos with black background :)

środa, 29 kwietnia 2015

4 new minis

Two weeks ago I've painted one mini in one evening. My patience lasted only for 4 minis :)
Everything painted with NMM.
C&C welcome :)
I still need to finish Bloodthirster... but.. I've got second kit of this bloodthirster and maggoth lord also waits for his turn! I wish I was speedpainter :P
On saturday I will post probably new tutorial. Be ready! :)

sobota, 25 kwietnia 2015

Quick chrome tutorial

One evening I wanted to paint anythin so I took not finished flamethrower(which I’ve started 2 years ago and not yet finished) of cultist. The question was: what to paint? I wanted chrome!

This tutorial is for purpose to show how to paint it. Notice that line of sky and earth in SENMM(Sky-earth non metallic metal) is not straight like on this example. I’ve done this tutorial to present a simple and easy chrome ;)

Paint I have used:
·         Grey ( VMC) – I don’t know which one exactly because label is rubbed off, probably dark blue grey
·         Administratum Grey (GW)
·         White (GW)
·         Black (GW)
·         Hawk Turquise (GW)
·         Rhinox brown (GW)

Base for Flamethrower was dark blue grey(VMC)


Now I painted upper side for sky reflection with Administratum grey
Arrows show where highlights must be painted

Towards the earth reflection I painted highlights with  pure white
Then I highlighted earth reflection with Adminsitratum grey

Now it’s time for earth reflection. I shaded lower parts with Chaos Black but towards line where earth and sky reflection contact

Now its time for lining with pure white

I used glaze technique to colorize and imitate sky and earth reflections. For sky I used hawk turquoise, for earth I used rhinox hide

At last I retouched all parts with pure white and added small dots for “bling bling” ;)
Here is finished product!
It took about 20 mins ;)