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Canoness Veridyan, Blood Bowl Orc team, assembling, assembling and assembling...

Hello again!
I had really busy last two weeks - exams, projects and other things realted with studying, damn, I hate that how much it takes time, I want to paint!

Yesterday I painted Canoness Verydian, Fast project. I had to paint something fast as break from other commissions and studying.
She is on eBay - CLICK link for details :)

So, you may have seen my latest finished project of Orcs team for Blood Bowl but I will post also here! These are going to Spain!
Now I want to show you what I am doing currently:
Legio Custodes are being prepared for painting. 3x with shields, 2x with glaives/spears and one with standard.
They will look like them:
Bigger pics
BTW I love effects on weapons :)
But for now they look like this :/
 Next are Wood Elf Glade Guard Regiments. 4x 16. So much of mold lines removing. So muuuuch pain! ;)
But really can't wait to paint them, I need to paint something different than 40k
 And at last I received package from Chris. I think I didn't show his Mordheim Warband that I finished on december of 2016. Soon I will post them on my facebook page, instagram and here. This was fun project because I had to paint that warband with desaturated colors. Stay tuned!
They will be an Averland Warband for Mordheim. As you can see some of models need paint stripping - no problem :)
By the way great idea of packing bits in sealed bags, Chris. I am sure that now I will not have any problems with what items belong to particular mini :)

What I will be doing this week? Probably not much. I think I will try to finish Warmachine commission and try to assemble as much minis as possible. My upcoming exams schedule looks like this:
27.01 (hard one)
30.01 (hardest)
3.02 (hard one)
I am so motivated to work but I need to learn to exams. It takes ages and I can't paint as long as I want to... But exam session ends at 6th of February and then I will be doing everything in my pace.
Keep fingers crossed!

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  1. Wow busy guy! I got her too and then opened the package and was like FINECAST?! Grrr! We meet again my old nemesis -_- You make her look good :)

    1. I love to be busy! I can't do nothing because I am annoyed then haha ;)
      Yeah, I was also surprised with that but it wasn't as bad as finecast was introduced a couple years ago but I am still thinking - why resin?
      By the way was sword was looking like banana and I had to reshape it with warm water.

    2. No warping on mine and yeah the details are good, but yes! Why back to resin?

    3. probably financial issues :)