sobota, 25 kwietnia 2015

Quick chrome tutorial

One evening I wanted to paint anythin so I took not finished flamethrower(which I’ve started 2 years ago and not yet finished) of cultist. The question was: what to paint? I wanted chrome!

This tutorial is for purpose to show how to paint it. Notice that line of sky and earth in SENMM(Sky-earth non metallic metal) is not straight like on this example. I’ve done this tutorial to present a simple and easy chrome ;)

Paint I have used:
·         Grey ( VMC) – I don’t know which one exactly because label is rubbed off, probably dark blue grey
·         Administratum Grey (GW)
·         White (GW)
·         Black (GW)
·         Hawk Turquise (GW)
·         Rhinox brown (GW)

Base for Flamethrower was dark blue grey(VMC)


Now I painted upper side for sky reflection with Administratum grey
Arrows show where highlights must be painted

Towards the earth reflection I painted highlights with  pure white
Then I highlighted earth reflection with Adminsitratum grey

Now it’s time for earth reflection. I shaded lower parts with Chaos Black but towards line where earth and sky reflection contact

Now its time for lining with pure white

I used glaze technique to colorize and imitate sky and earth reflections. For sky I used hawk turquoise, for earth I used rhinox hide

At last I retouched all parts with pure white and added small dots for “bling bling” ;)
Here is finished product!
It took about 20 mins ;)

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  1. That is stunning. You fool! Soon i will know all your SECRETS! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem, I mean thank you for sharing your techniques with us :)

  2. Brilliant. I am now searching for something I can try this on.

  3. Great sbs! Thanks for sharing. I need to find something to try this on!