środa, 25 maja 2016

Khorne Daemon WiP

ello. It was a long time since last time I wrote any posts here. I want to change it and I am going to develop my blog in small steps but with regularity. Also I need to get into rhythm of blogging, I hope I will get better because I am a bit "rusty" right now :)
So... no more talking. For the start I want to show you my commission project for Christian who kitbashed/converted or whatever you call it another 3 daemons (previous daemons are on my fanpage) - 2 daemons of Khorne and one Archdaemon of Tzeentch.
Still need some work: hooves and OSL will be done after I paint daemons' bases. WiP of Khorne daemon:
Khorne Daemon