środa, 29 kwietnia 2015

4 new minis

Two weeks ago I've painted one mini in one evening. My patience lasted only for 4 minis :)
Everything painted with NMM.
C&C welcome :)
I still need to finish Bloodthirster... but.. I've got second kit of this bloodthirster and maggoth lord also waits for his turn! I wish I was speedpainter :P
On saturday I will post probably new tutorial. Be ready! :)

sobota, 25 kwietnia 2015

Quick chrome tutorial

One evening I wanted to paint anythin so I took not finished flamethrower(which I’ve started 2 years ago and not yet finished) of cultist. The question was: what to paint? I wanted chrome!

This tutorial is for purpose to show how to paint it. Notice that line of sky and earth in SENMM(Sky-earth non metallic metal) is not straight like on this example. I’ve done this tutorial to present a simple and easy chrome ;)

Paint I have used:
·         Grey ( VMC) – I don’t know which one exactly because label is rubbed off, probably dark blue grey
·         Administratum Grey (GW)
·         White (GW)
·         Black (GW)
·         Hawk Turquise (GW)
·         Rhinox brown (GW)

Base for Flamethrower was dark blue grey(VMC)


Now I painted upper side for sky reflection with Administratum grey
Arrows show where highlights must be painted

Towards the earth reflection I painted highlights with  pure white
Then I highlighted earth reflection with Adminsitratum grey

Now it’s time for earth reflection. I shaded lower parts with Chaos Black but towards line where earth and sky reflection contact

Now its time for lining with pure white

I used glaze technique to colorize and imitate sky and earth reflections. For sky I used hawk turquoise, for earth I used rhinox hide

At last I retouched all parts with pure white and added small dots for “bling bling” ;)
Here is finished product!
It took about 20 mins ;)

wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2015


When I was back home I wanted to paint anything! I decided to imitate chrome. Just for fun, Also I've taken photos from each step.

Paints used:

  • grey, 
  • adminsitratum grey, 
  • white, 
  • black, 
  • scorched brown, 
  • hawk turquise

On the weekend I will have some time to write tutorials - for gold and chrome. So, stay tuned!
This flamethrower comes from chaos cultist from Dark Vengeance starter.

sobota, 18 kwietnia 2015

Mordheim Zealot WiP

Hello, this is my first post here. I want to share my WiP of Mordheim Zealot. I wanted to achieve worn clothes effect. What do you think? 
Parts to be done: hair, metal, fish, eyes, ropes, base.
I also think about the base - wooden or stone surface? ;)